Expensive Areas in Knoxville, TN

Patrick Goswitz talks about the most expensive areas in Knoxville, TN in 2023

Is it expensive to live in Knoxville, TN? Look no further! In this post, I will be sharing the top 5 most expensive areas to live in Knoxville as of 2023. The data we will be sharing was obtained directly from our Knoxville Multiple Listing Service, so you can be sure that the information is […]

Why Are We Seeing More Foreclosures?

Patrick Goswitz a Knoxville Realtor talks about the rise in foreclosures but how there is nothing to be alarmed about.

What will happen now that the moratorium on foreclosures has ended? Are we about to see a tsunami of foreclosures and a struggling market similar to what happened in the real estate market crash of 2008? The short answer is no—foreclosures will start to increase again but not enough to worry over. Today I’ll go […]

Sell for More Money by Using These 3 Steps

Patrick Goswitz gives 3 tips on how to sell your home for more money.

  Three things to focus on when preparing your home for the market. It is crucial to thoughtfully prepare your home before you put it up for sale. A home that is correctly staged and prepped will sell for thousands of dollars more. However, how do you know where to start? There are a lot […]

Become a Real Estate Investor in 3 Easy Steps

Patrick Goswitz a Knoxville Real Estate Agent discusses how to become a real estate investor.

Three easy steps to help you become a successful real estate investor. In case you didn’t know already, real estate is one of the best ways to build up your net worth. Investing in the market can take many forms, from buying a rental property to investing in a real estate investment trust. If you’re […]

A Guide for Living in a For-Sale Home

Patrick Goswitz explains how to best live in a for sale home.

Five ways to help make selling your home simpler and more efficient. How can you continue to live in your house once you put it on the market? Your home has always been your sanctuary, your one true personal space, but now it’s listed for sale and will soon get a ton of foot traffic. […]

How To Know When To Enter the Market

When should you enter the real estate market? Patrick Goswitz explains in this video on when the best time to enter the market.

Here are 4 things to know about when to enter the real estate market. Often, people buy or sell a home because of a major life event or for financial reasons. However, if you have the option of choosing when to enter the real estate market, there are a few points you should consider: Every […]

How To Price Your Home in a Correcting Market

Patrick Goswitz explains in this video how to properly price a home in a correcting market.

You can still get top dollar if you price your home correctly. If you’ve been paying attention to housing market news, you’ve probably heard about decreasing sales, rising interest rates, and increasing inventory. Do these factors mean we’re heading for a housing market crash? According to the experts, the answer is no. Instead of crashing, […]

Kincer Farms Real Estate | Knoxville, TN Real Estate

Kincer Farms

Kincer Farms Real Estate | Knoxville, TN Real Estate If you are looking to live in a fantastic neighborhood in Knoxville, Kincer Farms subdivision is a family favorite. In addition, this neighborhood has homes ranging from 3,000 to 4,000 square feet. This is a relatively large subdivision with a majority of the homes built in […]

Barrington Subdivision | Knoxville, TN Real Estate

Barrington Subdivision | Knoxville TN Real Estate If you are looking to live in an affordable and convenient neighborhood Barrington is a great place to call home. This page will give you the current homes that are for sale in this Powell neighborhood. This subdivision is in the 37938 zip code zoned for Karns Elementary, […]

Gettysvue Subdivision | Knoxville, TN real estate

Gettysvue subdivision

Gettysvue Real Estate |Knoxville TN Real Estate Are you looking to live in one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Knoxville, Tennessee? Gettysvue is a great place to live in with the Gettysvue Golf, Polo, and Country Club. This neighborhood contains about 215 homes with most of them being built in the late 1990s. This […]