City of Knoxville
Aerial view of Knoxville, Tennessee.

7 Reasons to Purchase Property in Knoxville

Known as a hidden gem, many people easily look over the gorgeous town of Knoxville, Tennessee. In fact, most are blown away by how amazing and unique the city actually is. There is an immense variety of things to do and experience. You can even find yourself easily navigating through the accessible downtown area on your own two feet. It just so happens that this is a really great spot to purchase property as well! Here are some of the best reasons to purchase property in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The Job Market

It seems like Knoxville can place anybody in the correct job position. Whether big or small, you will find many options of jobs to apply for. For example, you have the University of Tennessee ready to employ, or even Knoxville’s biggest employer, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory. No matter the case, you should be able to find yourself easing in and getting comfortable quickly. This also means that people will be more inclined to move here for that reason.


Knoxville, Tennessee has no shortage of amazing things to do. Try checking out the sunsphere – a landmark tower with an incredible observation deck. If you are looking for more family activities, many gravitate to the Knoxville Zoo, where many animals from all over the world wait for you to come and learn. Maybe even take on a little history at the McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture located right on the campus of the University of Tennessee. If you are more into the night scene, Knoxville offers many clubs and places to dance and mingle.

Real Estate Market

Knoxville’s real estate market took a fall a few years back. But now, the city couldn’t look better! Investors are starting to put their eyes on smaller markets such as Knoxville, which is causing growth and property value to rise. In fact, many are speculating a bright future for this town, stating that the local housing market should continue to improve over the next 5 – 10 years. The average median home price in Knoxville is $150,800. This means that local real estate is more affordable here than most other areas of the country. With the Knoxville real estate being more affordable, while also being in growth, it sounds like this would be a great time to invest.


The weather in Knoxville is pretty much gorgeous at all times. The summers do not get too hot, and the winters do not get too cold. In fact, it actually seems to be in the average zone that everybody really likes. January might dip a little below 30 degrees, but for the most part, you can be comfortable outside through the whole year. Just keep in mind that the summers can feel pretty long, so if you’re not comfortable with that idea, you may want to seek alternative solutions.

Easily Accessible

You will not have to worry about difficult travel here. Knoxville residents almost forget how hard it can be to enter a city because it is so easy for them in Knoxville. Interstate 75 and 40 all pass through Knoxville making it easy for you to take road trips. You can even fly directly to the airport in town. The Mcghee Tyson Airport offers your usual airlines: American Airlines, Allegiant, Delta, Frontier, and United, that will accommodate you on your traveling needs. Not to mention, the downtown area is also easily accessible and walkable. Knoxville has got you covered when it comes to ease.


The food in Knoxville is top notch. You can find the best southern comfort food that intertwines with barbeque. Take a place like Calhoun’s on the river. Just like it states, you can have some incredible dining experiences when you go to this restaurant. Enjoy your meal as you look over the river itself. You can even access the place by boat. Talk about an experience. You can find many other dining experiences such as brazilian steakhouses, seafood, and even french inspired cuisine. No matter what you choose, your taste buds will surely be thanking you.

River Fun

Located right in the heart of Knoxville is the Tennessee River. The river is already unbelievably gorgeous, but what if I told you that you can actually find some fun activities to do in there? Maybe grab some jet skis and go for a spin, travel the waters in a yacht or a riverboat, kayak, paddle boat, etc. You name it – you can probably do it in the Tennessee River. Just be sure to put on some sunscreen before you hop in.

Medical Care

You can breathe easy living in Knoxville because residing near you are 5 hospitals and medical centers. Something about being able to seek professional medical attention when needed is just easing on the mind, isn’t it?

It doesn’t matter which way you look at it. Knoxville, Tennessee is a major candidate for where you should purchase your property. The atmosphere is incredible, and so is the housing market. Just be sure you crunch the numbers before you choose to purchase. It could really work out for you in the long run.