What better way to discover the hidden treasure of Knoxville, TN than to you go on a few guided tours led by people who know the area? Here are 4 Knoxville, TN tours you shouldn’t miss:

    • Knox Brew Tours

      Did you know that drinking can get kind of expensive? Well, let me know rephrase – if you’ve come to a bar to drink more than two drinks, drinking can get kind of expensive. Taking a tour can give you the freedom to sample many different craft beers at different bars at a fraction of the price you would normally pay.

      Knox Brew Tours is no exception. You’ll sample three 4 oz. beers at each location, totaling 12 beers for the tour altogether. Don’t worry – snacks and water will be provided so you won’t get too crazy. Also, don’t worry about driving because the tour guide has you covered.

      Breweries you’ll visit:

      • Blackhorse Pub & Brewery
      • Hexagon Brewing Co.
      • Last Days of Autumn Brewery
      • Crafty Bastard Brewery
    • Knoxville Food Tours

      Maybe you live in the Knoxville area and you would consider yourself a semi-professional foodie – meaning that you think you’ve been to just about all the great food spots Knoxville has to offer. Think again.

      Paula Johnson opened the Knoxville Food Tours to show you all the little hole-in-the-wall restaurants you’ve been missing out on. The places you’ll go will vary so be sure to check in for availability. Each tour is a unique experience you won’t want to miss.

    • Knoxville Walking Tours

      Knoxville’s rich history lives on in its preserved architecture and nature sites. Take a walking tour to discover the aspects of Knoxville history you didn’t learn in your high school social studies classes.

      Knoxville Tours you can go on:

      • The Civil War Tour – see where the city was divided.
      • The Gunslingers Tour – see where “violent mayhem” once befell the streets of Knoxville
      • The Early Years Tour – learn about the history of Knoxville’s settlement
      • The Knoxville’s Musical History Tour – learn about how Knoxville became a city where many famous musicians got their start
      • The Shadow Side Ghost Tour – see Knoxville’s “shadow side” where spirits are said to roam
      • The Old Gray Cemetery Tour – check out the Old Gray Cemetery
      • The Literary Heritage Tour – visit the scenes that inspired some of the most famous American authors
      • The Holiday History Tour – listen to the real-life tales of Knoxville’s Christmases past


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