Putting your home on the market? Getting a feel for home buyers wants and needs will help you make a successful sale. A 2017 survey by Realtor.com turned out the following results:

    1. Spacious backyards

      Space is a premium when it comes to vibrant cities like Knoxville and Nashville, and buyers want expansive yards where they can hang out and watch their children play. It’s also a must-have for pet owners and those who enjoy gardening.This home feature is one of the most searched on Realtor.com. So, if your home comes with a landscaped yard, play that up in your listing.

    2. Updated kitchens

      Updated kitchens are highly coveted among buyers, regardless of age group. This, along with spacious yards, is one of the most heavily searched home features on the real estate website. 80% of buyers consider it their favorite room in the house.The majority of buyers want to be able to prepare meals comfortably, while some look forward to entertaining friends and family – it only makes sense to invest in a modern kitchen. And even if they don’t cook at home, the kitchen is often used as a gathering place.

      Make sure that in the kitchen there are stainless steel appliances, sturdy counters, as well as heavy-duty cabinets and drawers.

    3. Living space

      According to the survey, more than half of buyers are looking for three-bedroom homes – so if your property has three or more, you already have an advantage. New parents, in particular, prefer bedrooms that are located on just one level.As for two-bedroom homes, these will appeal primarily to singles and retirees, so you may want to target that market. Moreover, buyers won’t be quick to discount your property if there’s a bonus room or an extra den to meet their space requirements.

    4. Housing type

      Ranch-style homes are in high demand, with buyers searching for this more than any other housing type. Open floor plans are also popular, so emphasize this in your listing description if appropriate. Younger buyers have a great interest in townhomes, so you might want to aim for this group specifically if you’re putting one on the market.

    5. Privacy

One’s home is one’s retreat and most people naturally look forward to enjoying privacy and comfort when they’re at                          home. The majority of buyers prefer homes that are free of intrusions, such as noise and traffic. If your home is in a                           peaceful cul-de-sac or a gated neighborhood, it would be a good idea to highlight this in the listing.


Home buyers

Different age groups have unique motivations for buying a home:

    • Millennials are looking for homes based on anticipated life changes, like marriage and having children.
    • Buyers 45 years and older are already thinking of retirement and downsizing.

These insights will help you market your home more effectively for home buyers. Working with an experienced Realtor will also make the process smooth and stress-free.

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