Best Home Improvements to Make in 2023

Your home is your sanctuary, so it’s important to make sure it’s comfortable, functional, and stylish. Whether you’re looking to sell your home soon or simply want to make it a more enjoyable place to live, there are a number of home improvements that can add value and livability to your property. 1. Minor kitchen […]

Vacant vs Staged Home

Patrick Goswitz shows the difference between a staged home and a vacant house.

The real estate market is a competitive arena where every detail counts. One such detail that can significantly impact your home’s selling potential is whether to stage your home or leave it vacant. Let’s explore the compelling reasons why staging a home is decidedly superior to leaving it vacant when it’s time to sell. Staged […]

Hire the Best Realtor in Knoxville TN

Find the Best Knoxville Tn Realtors. The Goswitz Team are full time knoxville real estate agents who can assist you with the home buying or home selling process!

Are you in search of a dependable Knoxville realtor to assist you with your real estate requirements in Knoxville, TN? Look no further than The Goswitz Team.  Patrick, Jennifer and Frank Goswitz have years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the local market. In addition, they are committed to providing exceptional services to help their […]

Best Time to Sell a Home : Knoxville, TN

Patrick Goswitz with eXp Realty explains in this video when the best time to sell a home in Knoxville is.

The optimal time to sell your home in Knoxville is influenced by various factors. The local housing market, the state of your home, and personal situations are important factors. Typically, home sales are most active during spring and summer. This is because families with children usually prefer to move during the summer, when school is […]

How to Stage Your Home when Selling

Staged home in Knoxville, TN

Are you thinking about selling and want to know the best tips on how to stage your home? Follow these 9 tips! Declutter: Remove any unnecessary items and personal belongings to create a clean, spacious feel when staging the home. This includes items like excess furniture, knick-knacks, and family photos. Clean and repair: Clean the […]

A Guide for Living in a For-Sale Home

Patrick Goswitz explains how to best live in a for sale home.

Five ways to help make selling your home simpler and more efficient. How can you continue to live in your house once you put it on the market? Your home has always been your sanctuary, your one true personal space, but now it’s listed for sale and will soon get a ton of foot traffic. […]

How To Price Your Home in a Correcting Market

Patrick Goswitz explains in this video how to properly price a home in a correcting market.

You can still get top dollar if you price your home correctly. If you’ve been paying attention to housing market news, you’ve probably heard about decreasing sales, rising interest rates, and increasing inventory. Do these factors mean we’re heading for a housing market crash? According to the experts, the answer is no. Instead of crashing, […]

Home Cash Offers in Knoxville, TN- Sell your home FAST

Sell your home for all cash. Patrick Goswitz is a Knoxville Real Estate Broker and talks about the pros and cons of selling your home to a potential cash buyer

Are you looking to sell your home fast for cash in the Knoxville, TN area? If so, our real estate investment team can present an all cash offer for your home! Not only are we real estate investors we are also full time licensed Realtors and will be able to guide you through the process […]

What is my home worth in Knoxville, TN?

Patrick Goswitz is a real estate broker in Knoxville TN who will help you determine what your home is worth!

If you’re a homeowner in Knoxville, TN, you may be asking yourself the question: “What is my home worth?” Knowing the market value of your home can help guide you in making decisions about putting your home on the market, refinancing or even selling it fast to a cash investor. In addition, it will help […]

Home Upgrades That Will Make Your House Stand Out

Here are some home upgrades that you should make on your

Are you tired of living in a home that feels outdated or lacks the modern amenities you desire? In fact, home upgrades, renovations, and remodeling projects can be an excellent way to breathe new life into your living space and increase your home’s overall value. Whether you’re looking to sell your house or simply want […]