Knoxville, TN Crime- Where is the Crime in Knoxville? One of the biggest demands home buyers have around the country is wanting to be in a “safe” area. Legally a Realtor is not allowed to say if you’re going to be safe in a particular area. There are several reasons to this. One, is because […]

Frank Goswitz | Knoxville TN Realtor

Frank Goswitz

Frank Goswitz | Knoxville TN Realtor Frank Goswitz is an enthusiastic realtor with over 30 years of experience. He is a member of the RE/MAX 100% Club, Platinum Cub, Titan Club, Circle of Legends and the Hall of Fame. However, Frank is now a member of eXp Realty. He is now the number 1 real […]

Jennifer Goswitz | Knoxville TN Realtor

Jennifer Goswitz Realtor

Jennifer Goswitz | Knoxville TN Realtor Jennifer Goswitz has been a licensed realtor since 1985 in Knoxville Tennessee. In 2012 she became a licensed real estate broker. Jennifer is now with eXp realty and is an ICON agent within the company. Jennifer is an expert in residential real estate marketing and promotion in the Knoxville […]

Patrick Goswitz | Knoxville TN Realtor

Patrick Goswitz

Patrick Goswitz | Knoxville eXp Realtor Patrick is a great estate broker with EXP Realty, the fastest growing real estate brokerage in the world. He received his Finance degree from the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Having lived in Knoxville his whole life and growing up in a real estate family, he understands the Knoxville market […]

Knoxville Homes | Knoxville, Tennessee

Knoxville home

Knoxville Homes | Knoxville TN Real Estate If you are looking to live in a great city with a population of  approximately 187,000, Knoxville is a great place to call home. Search this website to find Knoxville homes for sale. In addition, you can also search this website to the Knoxville homes that have sold! […]

Real Estate Agents | Knoxville, Tennessee

The Goswitz Team - Knoxville Real Estate Agents

Knoxville, TN Real Estate Agents Are you looking for the best Knoxville real estate agents to sell your home? If so The Goswitz Team could certainly help get your home sold quickly for the most amount of money. With a combined 65 plus years of family real estate experience they have the latest systems and […]

Knoxville TN Realtors | The Goswitz Team | EXP Realty

The Goswitz Team- eXp Realty

EXP Realty | Knoxville, TN eXp Realty is the fastest growing real estate brokerage in the history of real estate. What makes this company so special and why are real estate agents flooding to this brokerage? It is a cloud based brokerage that was started in 2009 that goes without the brick and mortar. Because […]

Knoxville For Sale by Owner

For Sale by Owner Knoxville

For Sale by Owner Currently in Knoxville, Tennessee there are more buyers than there are homes for sale on the market. This makes Knoxville a “sellers market.” Since Knoxville is a sellers market, more homeowners choose to go the for sale by owner route to avoid paying a commission, or not as much of a […]

Interviewing Real Estate Agents

Questions to Ask Real Estate Agents 14 Questions to ask when interviewing real estate agents   How many homes did you sell last year?  How many homes have you sold this year? What is your current listing inventory? What is your average list price to sales price ratio? How many homes are for sale in […]

Overlooked Fall Home Maintenance Items

Overlooked Fall Home Maintenance Items Spring cleaning has its own counterpart as the days wind down and get colder; it’s called fall maintenance. A lot of your important home upkeeps can fall by the wayside during the vacations that usually get planned in spring and summer. so before the leaves start to change and the […]