dog playing with ball

Taking your pet outside isn’t just limited to walks around your neighborhood. Knoxville, Tennessee has plenty of outdoor activities that your four-legged friends would definitely enjoy.

  1. Dog parks

    More and more dog parks have been popping up across the United States and Knoxville is no exception. Dog parks make an excellent place for your dogs to run around in and play with other dogs. Take your furry friend down to the PetSafe Downtown Dog Park or to the Concord Dog Park.

    The PetSafe Downtown Dog Park is located in central Knoxville and it has two separate sections for small dogs and large dogs, along with exercise stations, ramps, water fountains, and benches. The 4-acre Concord Dog Park allows your dogs to jump into the river, hang out by the dock, and even take a shower at the designated dog shower.

  2. Walking trails

    Most city parks and nature centers nowadays allow dogs to walk on their multi-use trails. There are even leash-free areas for well-behaved dogs. The pet-friendly trails in Knoxville are the East Lake Shore Trails, the trails of Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness, and Forks of the River Trails.

    The East Lake Shore Trails spans 3.3 miles along the Tellico Reservoir and permits dogs to walk off-leash. Urban Wilderness is home to 10 interconnected parks and welcomes dogs at any of their 50 trails. Another nature center that allows dogs on their walking trails is the Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum, a 47-acre garden filled with unique plants.

  3. Dog-friendly restaurants

    Bring your pooch along when you want to eat out. Pet-friendly restaurants in Knoxville include the Tomato Head, Hops & Hollers, and Bistro at the Bijou. These restaurants usually have a patio or an outdoor dining area that give you and your dog the perfect spot to eat and relax.

  4. River Dog Bakery

    Treat your furry friends to freshly baked treats and a toy of their choice at the River Dog Bakery. The establishment provides allergy-free treats and food for both cats and dogs. Aside from pet food, the River Dog Bakery also sells bath products, toys, and specialty items for pets. You can also give your pets the ultimate spa experience at the bakery’s own self-serve spa room.

  5. Dog events

    Humans aren’t the only ones who can participate in festivals. Every year, Knoxville hosts a couple of dog events and festivals featuring plenty of fun activities for dogs. The Mardi Growl is a popular Mardi Gras-themed festival that occurs every March. During this festival, dogs are dressed in colorful costumes as they parade through downtown Knoxville. DockDogs Knoxville is a sporting event for dogs that tests your pet’s agility in the water.

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