Making the decision to sell your home is never easy. It’s so difficult, in fact, that rather than trying to weigh the pros and cons on your own, you could be looking for a sign. Here are 6 signs its time to sell your home:

Time to Sell?

    1. You Feel Like You’re Walking around in Shoes That Are Too Tight

      You can only read so many Buzzfeedlisticles on how to make your home feel bigger before you have to call it quits. Your home is just too small.

      You feel trapped, like there’s no room to grow. Buying a home shouldn’t feel like buying a coffin. This is something you’re supposed to live in, not die in. If the shoe doesn’t fit, get a new one.

    2. The Neighborhood Doesn’t Feel Like Home

      When you poke your head out in the morning to check your mailbox, do you have to avoid making eye contact with your neighbor? Or maybe your neighbor deliberately avoids making eye contact with you?

      Your house could be great – it could even be the home you’ve always dreamt about – but if the neighborhood isn’t welcoming, then it’s never going to feel like home. If you come to this realization, then it’s time to make a change.

    3. The Schools Aren’t Cutting It Anymore

      It’s possible that when you moved, the elementary school in the neighborhood had stellar ratings. Your kid came home happy every day, eager to tell you everything they learned.

      But now that middle school is looming around the corner, you’ve been looking at reviews and they don’t seem so promising. Selling your home and moving might be the best thing to do in that case.

    4. One of Your Neighbors Sold and They’re Rolling in Cash

      Unless you’re a real estate agent on the side or you move a lot, then you probably won’t know how valuable your home is until you sell it. You won’t know if it’s worth the time and the effort to move.

Here’s a trick on how to find out: See how happy your neighbors are about selling. If they recently sold their home and came out of the deal on top, then maybe you should sell too.

  1. Remodeling Won’t Increase the Value on the Home

    When it comes to great investments like houses, you have to be thinking several steps ahead. In other words, you should be thinking about what will make your home seem more valuable when you’re ready to move.

    Maybe remodeling your home will make you feel more comfortable now, but will it make your future homebuyers more comfortable? If the answer to that question is “no,” then it’s time to sell your home.

  2. You’re Debt-free

    OK, so maybe after reading this article you’ve decided that you want to move, but is moving a feasible option for you? Are you living debt-free with money sitting in your bank account, then you probably have the resources to sell your home. If not, then maybe sit tight and get to work on those finances.

    If you’re willing and financially ready to make the change though, I’m here for you. Call me anytime so we can discuss your options.

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