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Staging Knoxville Condos

After months on the market, your condo still has no offers. You’re sure it’s a great property and you get a few inquiries, but for some reason, no deal pushes through.

If buyers just aren’t biting, it may be that they just can’t visualize themselves living in the space. You can help them out with a bit of staging. Read on for more tips for staging Knoxville condos:

Make it look spacious

All homebuyers look keenly at square footage – and condo buyers even more so. You will want to declutter to make it look more spacious. Anything that you haven’t used in the last six months should go into storage, while things you haven’t used in the past year should either be sold or donated.

Keep it neutral and timeless

You may love colorful walls, but not everyone will. And while you may fancy polka dot-wallpaper, others might find it old fashioned. Our point? Address anything that might make your condo look too loud or dated. Keeping your space as neutral as possible allows people to better imagine themselves living there.

Fix what needs fixing

That garbage disposal unit that groans when you turn it on? You might want to have it fixed before putting your house on the market. If a prospect spots it, they can use it as leverage to ask for a price cut. This piece of advice applies not just to bigger repairs, but also little niggles, such as stripped grout, broken power sockets, and creaky doors.

Clean up!

This should go without saying, but it’s worth reiterating that a clean condo is one step closer to getting sold. For starters, cleaning up makes it look bigger. More importantly, a dirty condo tells prospects that the unit probably wasn’t well maintained. Poor maintenance devalues a property and is often the root of costly repairs.

Fragrant is good

Scents aren’t just pleasing to the senses; they can also define the atmosphere in a home. After all, what’s more welcoming than the warm scent of cinnamon or the refreshing fragrance of potpourri? A note of caution, though: don’t use scents to cover up unpleasant odors. If you’ve cleaned your home thoroughly, this shouldn’t be an issue. But if you overdo the scent, prospects may start getting suspicious about why your home smells too fragrant.

Don’t forget the floors!

“Who looks at the floors anyway?,” you might be thinking. But for people who are about to spend a small fortune on a new home, no detail is too small – including your condo’s flooring. Dingy rugs and dated linoleum floors are definite turn offs, so consider putting in new carpets or installing newer flooring.

Let there be good lighting

It’s amazing what lighting can do to a room. Opening your blinds and curtains lends a breezy feel to the room and makes it look roomier. Adding in dimmable lights in the bedroom can help foster a more relaxing and intimate atmosphere. Improving your condo’s lighting doesn’t cost much, but can do wonders for its visual appeal.

We hope these tips help for staging Knoxville condos.

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