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This is 2017. If you’re interested in dating someone, you don’t just show up to the first date and hope that things turn out OK. You stalk them on social media. You find out who their exes are and you stalk them, too. That way, you’ll find out before the date even begins whether or not they’re a psychopath.

Likewise, you shouldn’t enter into a real estate relationship without first getting some insight about the agent you’re dealing with. To help you on your journey, here are 4 tips for finding the right real estate agent:

    • Read Their Reviews

      There should be a few praising testimonials on their website, but leave no stone unturned when looking at reviews. Don’t forget to check these website:

      • Facebook
      • Google Reviews
      • Zillow
      • Yelp
      • Angie’s List
      • Realtor
      • Home Light
      • Manta

A score can tell you a lot about how the reviewer felt at the time they left the review (a two-star rating can indicate that they were pretty upset), but also take the time to read what people are saying.

People could be listing grievances that you don’t necessarily have a problem with, or conversely, people could mention something that didn’t really bother them but would outrage you.

    • Talk to Some of Their Clients

      Reviews are one thing, but nothing beats talking to someone face-to-face. There’s less chance that you’ll misunderstand them that way.

      You can track down a real estate agent’s past or current clients in two ways:

      • Clicking their username on a review site, finding out their real name, stalking them on social media and then messaging them to get their opinions, or
      • You can just ask the real estate agent if he or she will give your contacts for references. They should say yes, and if not, they’re not the right real estate agent for you.