Condo living
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Condo Living

Living in a condo doesn’t mean having to sacrifice style or functionality. Here’s how to maximize limited condo space.

Paint the walls white

White is a light base color that can make home furnishings and artwork stand out. It can make any space look bigger. Any amount of natural light that enters the unit will bounce off the walls, which makes the space look brighter and more inviting. It also makes your home look clean and crisp.

It’s a safe and versatile color that serves as a great backdrop for just about any aesthetic, from industrial to mid-century modern. It also lets you introduce color elsewhere, such as the floors or your furniture.

Designate zones

Taking your needs into consideration, you can section off certain areas and decide how they might be used. If you own a studio, you’ll have to designate a dining or entertaining area and a sleeping den. You can create the illusion of a separate space by using partitions, curtains, or strategically placed tables and chairs.

Distinct wall finishes, raised flooring, and droplights can also signal area separation. The possibilities are limitless, so you can play around with this as much as you like.

Use large furniture

This may seem counter-intuitive, but small pieces of furniture can make a room appear even smaller, especially when you have too many of them. The key is to use larger but fewer pieces to create the illusion of a much larger space. Full-size furniture can also help conceal unsightly elements like cable wires.

Use multipurpose furniture

Multipurpose furniture can help you keep the number of furniture to a minimum. A daybed, for instance, can serve as a couch and a guest bed. Not only does it help you save space, it also gives you value for your money. Multipurpose furniture allows you to spend more on quality than quantity. Since you’ll need fewer pieces, you’ll be able to invest in stylish and sturdy ones.

Use built-in storage

Built-in storage helps keep clutter out of sight without sacrificing a square inch of space. It also blends in with the unit’s overall design. Customized storage units can be designed to your specific needs, helping you make the most out of your living space.

Hang artwork above eye level

Displaying artworks above eye level creates the illusion of higher ceilings. Smaller framed pieces can be displayed from a bookshelf. You can also showcase art in some of the more unassuming spots where you have white space.

Keep editing

Since you’re working with a limited amount of space, you have to be neat and selective about the pieces you bring into your home. If something new comes in, something else has to go out – you can put it in storage for the meantime or get rid of it entirely to make your condo living experience better.

Make every piece count. Every time you buy something new, you’ll have to be more discerning and see how it plays with the other items in your condo.

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