Knoxville, TN Crime- Where is the Crime in Knoxville?

One of the biggest demands home buyers have around the country is wanting to be in a “safe” area. Legally a Realtor is not allowed to say if you’re going to be safe in a particular area. There are several reasons to this. One, is because in the event a crime takes place in your new home, your Realtor could be held legally liable for telling you that the home is safe in a safe location. In addition, just because you’re not in an area that has never had crime take place doesn’t mean that it won’t ever happen. Speaking to local law enforcement officers in the Knoxville area or speaking to the Knoxville Crime analysis department is going to help give you the most information about crime in Knoxville, TN. If you’re looking to find areas that have a history of several crimes watch this YouTube video that will show you exactly how to find high crime areas.

My experience with Knoxville, TN Crime

Although our Real estate team is not allowed to comment whether you’re going to be safe in any particular area, we are allowed to share our experiences in Knoxville. We have shown thousands of homes all around the Knox County area. Not once have we ever heard of a past client experiencing crime or have we felt uncomfortable in any situation. The best way for you to determine if you and your family is going to be safe is look into historical data. Not one person knows exactly what another human could possibly do! Everyone has a different prospective on safety and what is actually safe.

Moving to Knoxville?

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