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Knoxville Attractions

Knoxville is a vibrant and thriving city in Tennessee. It is full of five-star restaurants, enjoyable activities, and must-see events, making it the perfect place for tourists and residents alike to get to know the city’s culture and heritage.

If you have relatives who are visiting Knoxville, here are the most popular Knoxville attractions:

Knoxville Visitors Center

Located in downtown Knoxville, the center provides maps, touring information, visiting tips, and locally-made crafts. The Knoxville Visitors Center also hosts a free noontime live concert called the WDVX Blue Plate Special from Monday to Saturday.

Knoxville Market Square

The Knoxville Market Square started out as a small marketplace in downtown Knoxville. Over the years, the Knoxville Market Square has burgeoned and become more than just a place to buy locally grown products. Today, the Knoxville Market Square has expanded to include restaurants, shops, and entertainment areas. Your guests will enjoy the culinary delights on offer and delight in browsing the unique boutiques and art exhibits.

Knoxville Farmers Market

Located in downtown Knoxville, the Knoxville Farmers Market is the place to go for all things fresh. This open-air farmers market takes place from May to November in the Knoxville Market Square. Your visiting relatives can shop for the freshest local produce and discover unique artisan crafts they can take home as souvenirs.


One of the best ways to view the city of Knoxville and its surrounding areas is through the Sunsphere. This iconic structure, which stands 266 feet high at the World’s Fair Park, has been around since 1982. Take your visiting relatives to the Sunsphere Observation Deck on the fourth floor. Allow them the pleasure of admiring a 360-degree vista of downtown Knoxville, the Tennessee River, and the Smoky Mountains. Admission to the Observation Deck is free.

Knoxville Museum of Art

The Knoxville Museum of Art showcases the art and sculpture of East Tennessee artists. Located beside the World’s Fair Park, the Knoxville Museum of Art has been celebrating the work of exceptional talents since 1990. Visitors will enjoy walking around the museum and viewing the many current exhibitions. Entrance to the Knoxville Museum of Art is free.

Calhoun’s On The River

Calhoun’s On The River is a staple Tennessee restaurant that every visitor must try. Established in 1988, the popular restaurant is located right by the Tennessee River on Neyland Drive. This classic establishment is known for their smoked barbecue ribs, quality comfort food, and Southern hospitality.

Pete’s Coffee Shop

A Knoxville visit isn’t complete without having breakfast at Pete’s Coffee Shop, everyone’s favorite breakfast spot. Since the mid-80s, this family-operated diner has been serving hearty breakfasts and lunch. Their meals are so deliciously filling, the coffee shop was named ”The Best Breakfast in Knoxville.”

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