Overlooked Fall Home Maintenance Items

Spring cleaning has its own counterpart as the days wind down and get colder; it’s called fall maintenance. A lot of your important home upkeeps can fall by the wayside during the vacations that usually get planned in spring and summer. so before the leaves start to change and the snow comes, it’s the ideal time for preparation. A lot of your usual home maintenance is good, but consider the usually neglected or forgotten parts of the house. Pick up the slack on those overlooked parts of your house; here’s a few if you need some ideas or reminders of what to do during this fall.


Maintaining your gutters is one of the easiest bits of home upkeep to forget. Seldom does anyone pay them mind until something has gone horribly wrong. Throughout the year, your gutters can be quickly filled with debris from all sources, although fall is a prime occasion for that to happen. Particularly if your property or surrounding area has plenty of trees, small branches and the annual shedding of the leaves can cause blockages that will prevent your gutters from working at maximum potential.
Standing water in your gutters can lead to further home damage, so if you have an easy access to your roof, throw on some gardening gloves and pull those leaves out. If you don’t have easy roof access, plenty of services offer gutter cleaning alongside some other outdoor home maintenance activities. This afternoon of work can also carry effects on into winter, especially if you’re in a place that experiences regular snowfall; heavy snow in an already weighed-down gutter can rip it from the side of the house without proper maintenance.

Air Conditioner

You’ve spent the summer with the air conditioning running to keep your house at a livable temperature. But in those long spring and summer months, your other systems may have gone neglected with their own maintenance. Look at your heating system and run it for a cooler day towards the beginning of fall. If it feels like it isn’t working up to expectations, consider hiring a professional to do an inspection. Getting this done early can save a lot of headache and cold days in your home. Don’t wait until things go disastrously wrong.

Hot Water

On the topic of heating, another consideration is your hot water. While it’s doubtful your hot water habits change greatly with the seasons, it’s good to have your hot water heater inspected for any potential repairs or quality of life changes. Fall has little risk of pipes freezing, but as stated before, it’s the best time to begin cold weather preparations. Electric and gas water heaters have different needs, so identify what you have before asking for a professional to come by for an inspection.

Smoke Alarms

Fall is the ideal time for you to do some battery tests. Be sure to test smoke alarms every six months. Replace any batteries or malfunctioning units, but also stock up on replacement batteries and store them in a memorable location. Likewise, carbon monoxide detectors are important, especially in homes with gas water heaters or other gas-burning appliances. Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, it’s important you have a detector or two around the house, usually near the appliances that use it and your sleeping area. Cycle out batteries and tests on these as often as your smoke detectors.