World's Fair Park

World’s Fair Park is one of Knoxville’s most-visited tourist attractions and it’s a favorite pastime of the locals too. There are buildings and attractions that still remain from the 1982 World’s Fair. This means that by visiting World’s Fair Park, you’re not only having a good time but you’re also ruminating in Knoxville’s rich history. Anytime someone asks me what they should do in my favorite city, I tell them to explore Knoxville, TN’s World’s Fair Park.

Oh, and did I mention having fun at World’s Fair Park is free? It’s free.

There are three sections of the park to explore, so your feet will get tired before you’ll ever get bored here. Check out the Festival Lawn, the Performance Lawn or the Amphitheater (or all three if you’re feeling ambitious) for a great time.

Festival Lawn

There’s plenty of room for everyone in Knoxville to have a great time on the Festival Lawn. The beautiful lawn, with special turf that you can walk on, is a blank canvas of sorts. It’s nothing special to look at on its own. However, it’s the perfect setting for the various festivals that come through Knoxville.

Besides festivals, you can also enjoy a number of group activities on the Festival Lawn. You can “Wake the Sun,” enjoy an organization-sponsored Walk, enter a race to aid a nonprofit organization, chow down at a Chili Cook Off and more.

Performance Lawn

Similar in structure to the Festival Lawn, the Performance Lawn is another large, grassy space. Which can cater to a large number of people. It’s bigger than two football fields and has a setting reminiscent of an amphitheater, making this lawn, unlike the Festival Lawn, perfect for concerts and other events that rely heavily on rockin’ music.

You can also enjoy other events on the Performance Lawn, like stuffing your face at a Taco Festival. You can even watching a Llama Race and much more! Stay up to date by checking out the calendar on the World’s Fair Park website.


The Amphitheater is one of the structures that remains from the 1982 World’s Fair Park. It was renovated without using tax payers’ money and is now home to many country music and classical music concerts performed by both traveling and local artists. Some recent and upcoming concerts and events held here include:

You can also host a private event at the Amphitheater. If the World’s Fair Park has a special place in your heart, you might have your wedding here. Maybe even a quinceanera, bar mitzvah, or a Harry Potter anniversary celebration. Really, whatever you want.

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