EXP Realty | Knoxville, TN

eXp Realty is the fastest growing real estate brokerage in the history of real estate. What makes this company so special and why are real estate agents flooding to this brokerage? It is a cloud based brokerage that was started in 2009 that goes without the brick and mortar. Because most real estate agents do not need an office building, eXp realty offers more financial incentives for realtors instead of high fees. The more money that is in the realtors pocket, than the more money they can spend on marketing and advertising. eXp offers an 80/20 split until the real estate agent pays 16k in expenses. After paying 16k in expenses you are 100% in commissions within the company. In addition, there are stock options and a chance for massive residual income realtors can earn. This stock is publicly traded on the NASDAQ and the ticker is EXPI.

A Cloud Base Brokerage

There are over 20,000 agents in eXp Realty and it is continuing to grow daily. At the current rate of growth, this company is going to have the most agents in the world! This company offers the latest tools and technology to help agents sell more homes. Kunversion, Commissions CINC and Skyslope are all given to you for free to generate more leads. It is important for realtors to plan for retirement. There is no other brokerage that will award shares of stock to the agents. Realtors within eXp have the option to take 5% of each commission and purchase the stock at a 20% discount. On the other hand, each agent can earn at several thousands for each capping agent they recruit. Does the brokerage matter? Every real estate agent knows the brokerage is just for branding purposes. To sum up, this company is for agents who want a solid retirement and to build a passive stream of income. To learn more about eXp Realty click here https://www.exprealty.com. Visit our about us page to find out more about us.