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Choosing the right Realtor

When buying or selling a home in Knoxville, finding the right Knoxville Realtor is half the battle. Boost your chances of success by working with a reliable agent. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Ask for references

    Not sure where to start? Ask friends and family for references. They can connect you with a Realtor who has represented them in the past. Look up Realtors serving your particular area, and read reviews from previous clients. An established real estate firm will have an online presence, making it easier for you to get a feel for their approach to transactions.You can also reach out to homeowners who have previously worked with the agent. Ask them questions to get an idea of their working style and business practices.

  2. Choose a local expert

    It’s crucial to find someone who specializes in the community you want to buy or sell in. Work with an agent who has been serving the area for years, an agent who has been a life-long resident, or both.Such agents can be expected to have a thorough knowledge of the communities you’re interested in. They’re likely to have deep connections, helping you find qualified buyers. They can also help you locate properties that you otherwise might not have access to.

  3. Work with a full-time real estate team

    Anyone who wants to work as a real estate broker in Tennessee must meet basic educational requirements in order to get a Broker’s or Affiliate Broker’s License. However, each individual’s work experience and skill set will vary.That’s why you should work with an agent who works full-time, and is part of a dedicated team of Realtors. This ensures that an agent or someone from the firm will always be available to answer questions, show your home, negotiate offers on your behalf, help with paperwork and more.

  4. Check out their listings

    If you already have your eye on a specific firm or agent, make sure to check out their listings. The listings on their site will give you an idea of how they will market your property, as well as the property types they specialize in.Pay attention to the quality of the marketing materials on their site, such as the photos and videos. These should look professional, especially where luxury listings are concerned.

  5. Make your expectations clear

    Like any seller, you’d want to get top dollar for your home. As a buyer, you’ll want to find a great bargain. You have to make your goals and expectations clear from the beginning so that the agent can address them and say whether or not they’re attainable.They can help you price your home correctly, or help you find one that matches your criteria. Be open to their guidance. Your Realtor will protect your interests and help you achieve success in an in-demand market like Knoxville.

    They can make the buying and selling process stress-free so that you can focus on the fun part – going house-hunting, meeting new neighbors, or getting ready to relocate to a new home.

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