Downtown Knoxville

Downtown Knoxville, Tennessee is a treasure to behold. If you live in the suburbs or are new to the Knoxville area altogether, you might not see the beauty of the downtown area or know all there is to do here. That’s why we’ve compiled this list for you. Here are the 5 best highlights of downtown Knoxville, TN:

    1. Downtown Knoxville, TN Is CleanNow, listen. I realize this doesn’t set the bar very high, but compared to other downtown areas – other downtown area’s in major capital cities – let’s be real: Downtown Knoxville wins the Clean Award. That’s because the area is thoroughly maintained by city staff and volunteers. The trash gets picked up from the streets and the streetlights are replaced regularly to make for better lighted and safer areas.
    2. The Scenery in Downtown Knoxville, TN Is GorgeousThe architecture is great in downtown Knoxville, sure, but the natural scenery will take your breath away. The mountains are only a few minutes away, meaning they’re in full view right from downtown. I think mountains beat a skyline any day of the week.
    3. The Festivals and Parades in Downtown Knoxville, TN will give you the energy to party againThere are so many different festivals and parades in Knoxville – several each month, in different locations in the downtown area. A few of the parades and festivals include:
      • The Brewer’s Jam and Kuumba
      • The Chili Cook Off
      • The Christmas Parade
      • The Dogwood Arts Festival
      • The Hola Festival
      • The Rossini Festival
      • The Saint Patrick’s Day Parade
      • The Veteran’s Day Parade


    1. There Are Tons of Free Things to Do in Downtown Knoxville, TN

      The festivals and parades I mentioned a second ago are just a few of the free things you can do in the downtown Knoxville area. There are also Movies on the Square you can see (no admission fee), sample some food at the Farmer’s Market, window show at all the stores and tons of churches to check out. There’s even the Knoxville Museum of Art to peruse and explore.

    2. Downtown Knoxville Is a Foodie’s Dream Come True

      You don’t have to be a food critic these days to call yourself a “foodie”: You only have to be a committed taster of fine foods from a variety of cultures and places. Downtown Knoxville definitely has your covered. I’ve split the list up between places to get drinks and places to dine because there are just too many great places not to list:

      Places to Dine:

      • Babalu Tacos & Tapas
      • Back Dough at Lonesome Dove
      • Bistro at the Bajou
      • Curious Dog
      • Davinci’s Pizzeria & Calzone
      • Hanna’s Café
      • Marble City Kitchen and the Firefly

      Places to Drink:

      • Awaken Coffee
      • Balter Beerworks
      • Casual Pint
      • Fairgrounds Coffee Bistro
      • Juice Bar Market Square
      • K Brew
      • Old City Java

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