10 Things to Do in Knoxville, Tennessee

Knoxville is a city with charm most other cities cannot compete with. Not many people realize this until they have actually lived there or have been shown around by somebody who is a lucky resident. There are hidden gems around every corner. Now it is time to discover what Knoxville, Tennessee is all about. Here are some of the best ways to get around and top things to do in Knoxville, Tennessee.

1. Sequoyah Park

Close your eyes and envision the most incredible picnic spot in the world, wrapped in greenery and amazing views. Chances are, you are probably thinking of Sequoyah Park and you didn’t even know! This is a great place to experience the peaceful side of Knoxville and escape the never-ending stress of long commutes and stressful workdays. There are so many different ways to experience the park as well. Enjoy a bike ride, go for a jog, or play some frisbee with friends. It is just the perfect place to relax while enjoying nature in the meantime.

2. Experience a UT Home Game on a Boat

Can you imagine watching a football game from the comfort of a boat? Well, in Knoxville, you can take it one step further and watch the game with a whole fleet of boats! It is pretty much the most interesting way to tailgate – boatgating. Volunteer Landing is a three-mile Riverwalk where you’ll find boat and football aficionados grilling and cheering up a storm for their local Knoxville fans.

3. Big South Fork

Big South Fork is a great place for adventure and discovery with friends. You can spend the day on a hiking exploration and spend the night in a tent. The territory can get a little rugged, so you should always be prepared with plenty of water, snacks, and an emergency kit. But for just a day trip, it’s a nice place to get some fresh air and a great workout. The energy expended all day seems to be worth it once you catch the gorgeous views!

4. Sunflowers Fields

There is nothing quite like going to Forks of the River Wildlife Management Area when the sunflowers bloom. When you stare down the field, you see nothing but bright yellow sunflowers greeting you back. July is the prime blooming season, just in time for a mid-summer walk. Start at the McClure Lane Trailhead and revel in the view of thousands of sunflowers. It’s a spectacle you must see for yourself.

5. Date Night

The nightlife scene in Knoxville is unlike any other metro city in the nation. Knoxville is known as “Music City USA,” and for good reason. You can expect to have all types of fun going from Market Square to the Old City. Surprise your date with a sweet ride and a trip to . . .The Library? Yes, but this isn’t your ordinary public library lined with books. The Peter Kern Library is a hidden speakeasy bar is found in the alley of The Oliver Hotel. Some people say that it’s hard to find even if you know it’s there! There’s no better date adventure than a scavenger hunt ending in craft cocktails.

6. K Brew Coffee

After a fun night out, coffee tends to be the milestone to most of our mornings. If you’re on the hunt for some of the best coffee in the city, look no further! Located just north of Knoxville, is the K Brew coffee shop. You can find some of the best ingredients here that only some of the top cities get. Either way, you might find yourself making this a summer weekend tradition.

7. Float the River

Nothing says summer quite like getting a nice big tube, setting it in the river, and floating your way on down to blissfulness. At the Pigeon River, you will find the best places to not only float the river, but paddle boat and kayak. It’s a great spot for the whole family, or just you and some close friends.

8. Holly’s Gourmet Market

Holly’s Gourmet Market is basically a staple in Knoxville. With over 40 years of business, you can bet that this restaurant has mastered the art of culinary goodness. You can find a selection of hard to find cheeses, meats, coffees, teas, and cooking utensils. Believe me though, breakfast is where it’s at. Stop on by and chow down on the Nutella-stuffed French toast. If you are not a fan of the sweets for breakfast, you can believe they will take care of you with their hearty breakfast options.

9. Downtown Knoxville, Tennessee

If you are looking to experience the city of Knoxville, nothing will have you more delighted than the eclectic area known as Downtown Knoxville. You can find all assortments of dining, shopping, entertainment, parks, museums, and more to fulfill your adventure.

10. Ijams Nature Center

Ijams Nature Center is a great place to go this summer to become connected to protected wildlife nature. Try gathering up supplies to make a grand picnic or bust out your hiking boots and go for a nice trek. Nature is your playground here. You have access to trails, rock formations, ponds, lakes, and stunning overlooks. It is a place you cannot take for granted!

As you can see, Knoxville, Tennessee is full of life and fun for the summer! Everywhere you turn, you will be able to find something new to do. If you really want a treat, start asking around the locals to see if they have any secret recommendations. You never know what you may come across! Are you really ready to take the plunge? Contact our experts for everything you need to know about Knoxville real estate.