Put your own stamp on your apartment with these decorating tips in mind.

Bring color to the room

Color plays a major role in a room’s overall look and atmosphere. White is a safe and versatile choice, but you can play around with various color schemes depending on the mood and aesthetic you want to create.

Warm colors evoke rustic charm; a neutral palette conveys a modern feel; black recalls sophistication and glamour. You can simply re-paint the walls another color when you’re ready for a change.

You can also add color to a room by bringing in furniture, artwork, and potted plants. Placing a colorful rug on the floor while keeping the walls bare can draw attention to that single item.

Choose the right materials

The kind of materials and textures you bring into the room can help make it more inviting. Soft, plush textures can make it more conducive to rest and relaxation. Your choices will also depend on the aesthetic you’re going for – smooth, polished surfaces are quite modern, while natural materials like wood and stone give off an earthy vibe.

You might also want to invest in high-end materials like hardwood floors – not only do they give your apartment a more refined appearance, they are also sturdy and long-lasting.

Choose the right kind of textiles

Your choice of fabrics can also give your apartment’s look a boost. Satin and silk can give it a more luxurious feel, while cotton and linen convey cleanliness and comfort. You can also mix and match textiles depending on the effect you want to achieve. Play around with curtains, rugs, pillow cases, and bed covers.

Complement the layout of the apartment

The size and placement of your furniture should complement the layout of the apartment. Choose a focal point, such as the windows or the flat screen TV, and work around that.

Allow for some breathing space

The size of your living space will ultimately dictate how far you can pull furniture from the walls. Keep in mind that you must give a few inches’ distance between the backs of your furniture and the walls, no matter how small the apartment might be. A larger space lets you place large pieces, such as a bed frame, in the middle of the room.

Throw in a statement piece

Bring in a bold and eye-catching piece, whether it’s a bright-colored chair, an ornate lamp, or artwork that will spark a conversation among your guests. Make sure that there aren’t any competitive elements in the same room so as not to diminish the effect.

Pull it together

Ensuring cohesion, such as choosing fabrics and furniture that are evocative of the era of your statement piece, can keep its inclusion from appearing staged or overwhelming. You can also do this by choosing neutral pieces for the rest of the room.

Get a headboard

There are numerous headboard design options in the market. Order the right size for your bed and pick a design that plays well with the aesthetic you’re going for. This brings a strong visual element to your bedroom.

Experiment with design trends
Pantone, the leading authority on color, predicts that these home decorating trends will dominate 2018:

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