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Knoxville Market Update for June 2013

Here is the MLS Market Trend Report for June 2013.


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Reminders to Inspect…



We have 3 things to share with you what we have learned from a number of homes SOLD recently for you to inspect.

YOUR CRAWL SPACE – If you have a crawl space please make sure you have the plastic covering the surface of the dirt.  This is used as a vapor barrier and make sure the plastic is not wet or damp if it is wet we can recommend a number companies with a life time warranty that will remove the dampness.

 CHECK FLOOR JOISTS FOR MOLD– With all the rain we have had the past couple of months in the Knoxville area, we would advise you to look for white and black mold (fungus) growth on the floor joists.  Depending on the type of mold, there are ways to remedy it.  Call us for recommended specialists.

YOUR WINDOWS FOR BROKEN SEAL – If you have faulty or cloudy windows it is not necessary to replace the window.  This will save you 100’s of dollars and even 1,000’s from not purchasing all new windows.  Again we have several handy men that can and will fix the problem.

APP TO DOWNLOAD – About everyone has an IPhone or Android.  If you have not checked out the app HOUZZ you need to download this app.  It is for ladies only because this gives a homeowner great ideas to improve kitchens, bathrooms, landscaping, dining rooms.  Let me know what you think about the APP.


IF YOU ARE THINKING OF SELLING CALL, EMAIL OR TEXT US for a FREE EVALUATION of your property 865-806-3238.  Information Deemed Reliable but not Guaranteed.

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