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How to Prepare Your Home For Sale

Sold sign

Just had several closing and asked the Buyer’s “Why did you purchase this particular home? What stood out  to you?

Guess what the Buyer said?

The home was CLEAN! Yes CLEAN!

The 5 most important CRUCIAL TIPS TO get your home SOLD!  How to Prepare Your Home for Sale are the following:

  1. You must have a CLEAN home.  Yes, staging the home is important but having a CLEAN home no newspapers and magazines lying around, shirts hung up, closets, desks and countertops organized etc.
  2.  Landscaping – Spring time is around the corner grass is starting to turn GREEN.  If you like the Green you have to keep the lawn looking green.  Nice and trimmed, sticks picked up etc.  This will entice the Buyer to want to view the inside.  Since, the inside is going to be CLEAN the home will be SOLD.
  3.  Starting from the top – the Roof must be in good shape.  If you live in West Knoxville the roof should be NEW by now after the hail storm of 2011.
  4.  CARPET must be in good+ to excellent condition!  We have several good companies in Knoxville. Not average, worn, lets negotiate the carpet.  The HARDWOOD floors must be shiny not marked with scratches.
  5. PAINT, PAINT, PAINT – A little “sweat equity” will go a long way. Just to spend a littlefamily time and get the kids room painted a neutral color taupe, off white, gold are my suggested colors.

I promise this will help you get your home SOLD.

We would love to hear from you!!! Post comments below what worked for you on the sale of your home!