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Frank’s Best Moves? You Tell Us!

I decided to share my “cowboy” move and the “robot” with my wife, Jennifer, and a few friends on the Southern Belle Riverboat in Chattanooga, TN.  RE/MAX had a gathering for their agents and it was a great time had by all!  Let me know what you think about my dancing moves!  

It’s A Sad Day At Goswitz Stadium

Today, the batting cage, pitching machine and other baseball equipment was sold, leaving its legacy to Goswitz Stadium, aka, The Field of Dreams.  Since 1999, when the brick pillars were built in my back yard with a dream of 1 kid in the neighborhood to become a major league player.  I have memories of 20 kids at one time playing fast pitch tennis ball worried about them hitting and breaking the windows at my house and told them many times “whoever breaks a window owes me $250.00”.  We spent many days practicing drills and games on the field and conducted many tryouts for kids 8 yrs old up to 13 yrs old.  The kids always had a good time seeing the pitching machine register 100 mph and see what it is like to hit a ball that fast, or a curve ball breaking off the table 5 feet (exaggerated). I remember people driving by slowly watching our practices or singing out the window “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”.  Of course, lots of great memories with my son, Patrick, hitting and calling out whether or not it was a hit or an out.

The automatic feeder with the pitching machine brought back memories of my own when I was in there by myself using the Tennessee Thumper (bat) to see if I still had the skills to make a come back at 50, with no hair.  My dad always told me, when he bought me a batting cage and pitching machine as a kid, “we will see what you will provide your kids when you them”.

When you spend hours a day for a number of years, it’s truly hard to give up, it’s almost like giving up your ’65 Ford Falcon from high school.  I know I will find something to do.  I even kidded with my daughter, Jessica, that I am going to start the largest organic vegetable garden in Knoxville.

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